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Product Specifications

Yandex Account

Account Type: Email Accounts


  • Per unit Price:$0.5

  • Quantity
  • Per unit Price
  • Total
  • 50
  • $0.5
  • $25.00

Yandex is a Russian homegrown service provider that offers free email, live traffic maps, music, videos, photo storage, and much more. If you're looking for an alternative to mainstream providers with global dominance, Yandex is a great option - and you can buy bulk Yandex accounts right here on our website.

Account names: We use local area names based on the client's requirements and target audience. You can specify your needs accordingly.

At the time of delivery of accounts, we provide:

  • Login credentials 
  • Name of the profile
  • Secondary email

Customer support: 24/7

Delivery will be on an excel sheet. 
Note: Any Yandex account can ask for SMS verification. You can use your own number or SMS activation service for this.

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