Refund and Replacement Policy

We at put in our best efforts to deliver exceptional services as per the customers’ expectations. This is evident from thousands of successful orders delivered by us. However, we absolutely understand the exceptional circumstances that can lead to unsatisfactory service delivery. Keeping such circumstances in mind, we offer a refund and replacement policy subject to the following conditions:


Testing the accounts and reporting the issue to us within 24 hours of the delivery of the order: Any and all refunds are subject to mandatory testing and reporting to us by customers within 24 hours of the delivery of the order. It should not only be tested but reported to our support in a timely manner else we won't be able to fix/replace the accounts.


We suggest you do a batch test in case of bulk accounts. You can pick random accounts from the order and check them.


Non-working accounts: If the accounts delivered by us are non-functional, and you have brought it to our attention after testing them within the mandatory 24-hour window, the process follows as:

  • If our technical team finds that the claim you made is correct, in that case, we will be replacing the order with a fresh batch of accounts.
  • If the issues continue with the fresh batch too, we will make a complete refund.
  • We won't be replacing accounts if you have used them in automated bots and got them suspended.

 If the issues continue with the fresh batch too, we will make a complete refund. 


Non-delivery of the order: We offer a refund for the non-delivery of the products ordered. 

Also, the refunded amount will be returned to whatever payment method you initially used to make the payment.


But it is for you to bear in mind that the delivery of orders can take up to 24 to 72 hours after the order is successfully confirmed. For the bulk order (up to 1000 accounts or so), the delivery time window begins after 48 hours only.



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