December 13, 2021

Buy Verified Instagram Accounts: Setting Up An Instagram Business Account

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Rising marketer wants to take all of Instagram’s business advantages. Instagram has become a long time since its inception in 2010, with over one trillion active monthly users and over 500 million active daily users. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw so much promise on the Instagram app and the advantages that he purchased it just 18 months after it’s $1 billion release, and since then the company has been growing.

Corporate companies have begun to respond to this rapidly expanding site, and 90% of them have Instagram accounts when you examine the top 100 brands in the world. But is it really only to share cool photos of your company with so many brands and businesses on Instagram?

Not quite.

As some of the world’s leading brands have shown, Instagram provides some clear cutting strategies for generating orders, leads and more.

However, Instagram remains a rather new platform, and is always rolling out. Why are all the new features modified and capitalized? What are all the benefits and how do you tap into Instagram? You might just be asking yourself where to start if you are new to the site, or you’re looking to improve your existing account.

The Reason to Buy Instagram Accounts

  • If your objective is to create your own brand image or an independent channel over Instagram then you are at the right website.

  • Managing an Instagram account in a professional way is not as easy as it sounds.

  • Bloggers put in hours to create the appropriate contents before posting them.

  • Spending time interacting with the audiences is very important

  • Interacting through comments provides tremendous insight into your audiences.

  • This insight will ultimately draw more positive feedback and more likes and more followers.

  • It will take time to establish a strong brand image, especially if you are starting from zero.

  • This is the very reason why people buy Instagram accounts.

  • Building your account from scratch can be a humongous task.

  • An easier way out is to buy Instagram account with a “starter” following.

  • There are a number of companies dealing in this business.

  • When you have a large following, the audiences tend to be more appreciative and pay more attention to the contents.

  • You are also likely to get more likes and comments for your posts.

  • However, there are also companies that make cheap deals with accounts having fake followers that are eventually deleted by Instagram.

  • Therefore, it would be a wise and safe decision; buy Instagram account from bulk accounts.

  • However, when you gain long term, active followers, your profile will get an immense boost.

  • It is as difficult and simple as working a dedicated plan to build your account.

Instagram’s Highest Business Benefits And How You Can Make Full Use Of Them

About 1/3 of Instagram users used the app for online purchases of a product

We only have one word: at the end of the day, sales are what many businesses want, and the benefits of Instagram are no different. The main reason you read this blog is probably because you are trying to learn how to increase sales! We’re not guilty of it.

It’s important to know that it’s worth what you invest in! How’s Instagram worth, then? Okay, let’s look at certain details.

More than 1/3 of Instagram users used Instagram to buy a product online, 70% more often than users without Instagram. Let’s just break it down a little now. Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users, and 1/3 of them mean that Instagram users have used Instagram to buy a product online! We listed early. We mentioned more than 1 billion people on Instagram.

Instagram’s AD Platform has access to the most advanced social media advertising targeting options available.

Now that we have identified the number of Instagram users and the likelihood of their purchase, let us talk about how you can take advantage of this information.

As reported before, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram some years ago. As a result, the features of Instagram were extended rapidly to suit the capabilities of Facebook. Facebook is considered to have one of the most innovative marketing platforms in social media. It is possible to advertise people on Facebook by age, interest, actions and location, so you can do the same over Instagram .

For you this means that within the 333,333,333 Instagram users who are already likely to buy you will join in on your particular target market.

In addition to the above listed cold targeting options, Instagram has the same robust retargeting capabilities as Facebook!

Retargeting – it means people who have seen or read about your product and business anyway. The most common way to shop is for visitors to your website who don’t buy yet. This and more is provided by Instagram! You can create custom audiences based on postal participation in Instagram, consumer email lists, video views in Instagram, and more.

You would be surprised to learn that there is simply a lack of targeting abilities in other social media platforms that have long been developed in Instagram.

With these choices you can push your Instagram accounts marketing strategy to the next level and use your Instagram ads to introduce a particular sales funnel to get more results.

Sales and Leads are trackable through Instagram ads so you can see clear ROI

The benefit of Instagram may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many companies invest into platforms without gauging the effectiveness of it!

Since Instagram uses the same Ads Manager platform as Facebook, it has all of the same tracking capabilities that Facebook has.

You can see everything from link clicks, to lead to conversions, and you can see the cost per result on any campaign you run. This means depending on what objective or goal you’re measuring, you can always see how many results you achieved and at what cost. In addition to this, you can break down the results you receive to see who or where they came from

At Bulk Accounts, we always A/B split test ads and ad sets for our clients. A/B split testing means running a group of different ads at the same time to see which is going to perform the best. We also test these ads in different ad sets to see which target audience + ad combination is going to provide our clients the most results at the lowest cost per result.

Instagram’s analytics and tracking capabilities are what make A/B split testing efforts not only worth it, but highly effective. Tracking metrics is one of the most important benefits of buying bulk Instagram accounts from us. It’s important to clearly see which ad and ad set is bringing in the most revenue, and business owners can see this with Instagram ads.

Instagram Differentiates Personal Profiles from Business Profiles

Like Facebook, Instagram differentiates account by personal accounts and business accounts.

If you turn your account into a business account, you will unlock a world of features to help promote your business. Some of these features include having a call to action button for your page visitors, the ability to promote your posts with ad dollars, and access to account insights.

It also gives Instagram users a clear understanding that the page they are on is owned by a business and is not just a personal Instagram page.

Instagram’s User Base Allows You To Tap Into An Otherwise Unreached Customer Base

If your business is not present on Instagram, can you be sure that you’re reaching them? 50% of Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day, but your company will not be one of them if you don’t have an Instagram account! Think of Instagram as a hand or extension of your company. The more present you are on Instagram, the more present you will be to your potential customers on Instagram.

Build An Audience That Will Stay Connected With Your Brand

One of the beauties of Instagram is that it has all of the paid advertising capabilities of Facebook, but it has something in addition to this that Facebook does not have: organic functionality.

When we refer to organic functions, we mean actions you can perform or results you can achieve without having to directly pay for them in advertising dollars.

On Facebook, if you want to build the amount of fans (or followers) that your business page has, you have to pay for them with Facebook ads.

On Instagram, you can build your followers organically. This allows for a very natural relationship to occur between your brand and your followers from the start as opposed to forcing the connection with paid ads.

It’s like a grassroots movement that takes effect where the more followers you have, the more others start to follow you. That organic, word-of-mouth type follower growth is priceless, especially for newer businesses. In addition to whatever efforts you put forth into building your followers, 50% of Instagrammers follow brands anyway! This means that half of the 800 million people on the Instagram platform are specifically more likely to follow your brand just for being on Instagram.

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Followers And Potential Customers

Another one of the benefits of Instagram being an organic platform is that you can see a lot of engagement on your posts without having to pay for it.

Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Additionally, Instagram users “like” 3.5 billion times per day.

With these kind of engagement rates, you can count on your ever-growing follower base to interact with your posts more and more, for free!

Whether they are liking the post or commenting on it, they are making the decision to interact with your post which shows interest in your brand.

Specifically within Instagram, once you like a post, it gets archived under your profile settings under “Posts You’ve Liked.” This means that Instagram users who like your company’s posts are simultaneously saving your posts to their bank of liked images that they can reference whenever they choose!

Businesses can capitalize on this opportunity to stimulate conversation and comment back directly with their followers. On Instagram, you can use the @ sign to tag users and reply directly back to someone who either liked the image or commented on the post.

The more transparent and responsive a brand is with their followers on Instagram, the more trust is built between that brand and its potential customers. The more trust a consumer has with a brand, the more likely they are to purchase from them over competitors.

Learn The Likes And Dislikes Of Your Customer Base

Whether you’re a startup who has everything to learn about exactly who your target market is or whether you’re a seasoned company that’s just new to Instagram, there’s always going to be room to learn more about your target market.

It’s important to remember that a target market is more than just an audience with statistical demographics and behaviors. A target market is comprised of real people, so your marketing efforts have to stay as fluid and flexible as they are to stay in front of them.

Having said that, Instagram is a great tool to learning the ever-changing likes and dislikes of your customer base and followers. You can see what kind of content they like best and are drawn to, and which they aren’t. You can see which accounts they like to follow and which they don’t.

This information will be crucial to know as you create content for your Instagram account, but it’s also valuable to know for your marketing strategy as a whole!

Instagram Is A Visual Platform

One of the main benefits of Instagram that separates it from all other social media platforms is that it’s photo-centric.

Unlike other social media sites, Instagram is comprised solely of photos and videos that can be accompanied with text, but text is not mandatory.

This is beneficial to you because most people remember more of what they see than what they read or hear!

Additionally, videos tend to outperform images on social media when it comes to engagement and results, but both videos and images outperform social media posts without either.

This instantly gives Instagram the leg up on other social media platforms that don’t require one of the two to post!

Having a photo or video centric platform allows your followers to remember your brand betters, and it makes them more likely to engage with your content. Both of these factors bring your followers on Instagram one step closer to a purchase.

You Can Constantly Use Instagram To Fuel Your Other Marketing Efforts

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is that you can take all of the information and data you gather from it and use it across all of your other marketing efforts.

All of the website traffic you send from Instagram can be retargeted on other platforms as well such as Facebook, Google etc.

You can even use your Instagram posts to promote other marketing efforts you have going on and vice versa!

Cross-promoting channels and marketing efforts allows you to extend the reach of that channel and encourage existing followers to keep track with your brand on other platforms. The more touch points your brand has with a consumer, the more likely they are to purchase from you over competitors!

Those are the top 10 benefits of Instagram for business! While building your Instagram can consist of a lot of hard work, the benefits of Instagram are worth the effort in the end! Interested in letting the exerts at our Instagram marketing company do the hard work so you can reap the rewards? Contact us today!


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