January 06, 2023

Is It Worth Buying Aged Gmail Accounts for Businesses

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Gmail is undoubtedly the most widely used service by Google. Not only does it let you communicate, but it also allows you to use most online services using Gmail accounts. However, old Gmail accounts have a significant advantage over fresh Gmail accounts. The majority of digital marketers buy old Gmail accounts since the chances of getting spam with an old account are minimal.

Google tracks Gmail accounts; therefore, using new Gmail accounts to sign up for online services might get you marked as spam. Once Google finds out about suspicious activity, it may ask you for your phone number as a second form of security. It can be troublesome for those who have used their number already to create many Gmail accounts.

Is Purchasing Aged Gmail Accounts Worth It?

You might be wondering, "When Gmail is free, then why do I have to spend money on buying Gmail accounts?" As we've already said, using new Gmail accounts can be annoying, and having multiple accounts is risky from a Google security standpoint. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in buying bulk Gmail accounts.

Also, digital marketers can use email marketing to make the most of their online advertising when they have multiple Gmail accounts. But you must be assured that you are dealing with the right service provider, like Bulk Accounts.

Benefits of Buying Aged Gmail Accounts

When it comes to buying aged Gmail accounts, there is a wide range of benefits. To help you understand better, we have explained some of the benefits below:

No Signup Restrictions

If you don't want to keep making new accounts on websites, you should use an old or existing Gmail account. This is due to the fact that signing up for several sites with a new Gmail account puts the account at risk of being marked as spam. If you want to use Gmail accounts to access a number of different websites, then it's better to buy aged Gmail accounts.

AdSense Approval Is Simple

Most bloggers think that an old Gmail account will be approved for AdSense faster than a new one. So, if you are in the business of selling services or getting Google AdSense approval, buying Gmail accounts will make your job easier.

Additional Google+ Benefits

An old Gmail account (Preferably 5-10 years old) has the capability to use the services offered by Google+ only for business purposes. However, the functionality of Google+ has been discontinued for personal use in 2019. The ability to access a larger number of Google's other services and products is one of the major benefits of Google Plus account.

However, such a function is not included with the creation of a new account. When you sign up for a new Gmail account, you won't have access to Google's administrator tool, its security tools, or its cloud services unless you first pay for those services. On the other hand, Google Plus accounts come with these features, which can also be found on aged Gmail accounts.

Using Free Service Trails

When you sign up for the majority of digital services, you are given access to a free trial. If you have a significant number of Gmail accounts, you are eligible to make free use of all the digital services. The only thing you need to do is buy a Gmail account in order to use these free trial features.

Importance of Phone-Verified Gmail Accounts

Phone Verified Gmail accounts (PVA) are phone-verified accounts that can be used for both business and personal purposes. Most of the time, different phone numbers are used to verify these accounts, which are thought to be safer and more useful than regular Gmail accounts. Moreover, when you buy PVA Gmail accounts, the chances of these accounts getting marked as spam are low, so marketers use them in email marketing and other tactics.

Therefore, if you are looking for better end results for your campaign, you must buy Gmail PVA accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gmail Accounts

Do old Gmail accounts expire?

No, old Gmail accounts do not expire. Once you create a Gmail account, it remains active as long as you use it at least once every nine months. If you do not use your account for this length of time, Google may delete it due to inactivity. However, you can prevent this from happening by simply logging in to your account once every nine months or so.

Does Gmail ask for Age Verification?

Google does not generally require age verification for Gmail accounts. When you sign up for a Gmail account, you are required to agree to the Google Terms of Service, which includes a clause stating that you must be at least 13 years old to use the service.

Is it safe to verify your age on Google?

Google's rules say that government-issued IDs like driver's licenses and passports are enough to prove your identity. If a user chooses to give a copy of their ID, the company promises that it will be “securely held, won't be made public, and will be removed” after the date of birth has been confirmed.


If you are too lazy to go through the process of registering for an account, you have the option of either opening accounts yourself from scratch or opting to buy Gmail accounts in Bulk. For the sake of your company, you might want to save some of your older Gmail accounts.

Gmail accounts that are recently created are at a greater risk of being disabled. If Google thinks that your account is being used to do something bad, even after it has been verified, it may shut it down. On the other hand, Gmail accounts that are several years old are more trustworthy and secure. In case, you are wondering where to buy aged Gmail accounts, you can contact us!


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