October 09, 2023

A Guide To Buying Aged YouTube PVA Accounts With Old Videos

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Did you know the first-ever video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, on YouTube? A guy named Jawed uploaded it that time and titled it "Me at the Zoo," in which he is standing in a zoo and talking about elephants. Since that day, YouTube has gained tremendous popularity, and in 2023, it has become the second most popular search engine. Surprisingly, 3.7 million new videos are uploaded every day. With a 2.5 billion strong user base from all over the world, this app holds immense potential for creators, ranging from individuals to businesses. Not to forget, with several opportunities comes fierce competition that demands venturing beyond conventional growth strategies. Amid all this, the trend of buying aged YouTube PVA accounts online with old videos has become common. What exactly are these aged accounts, and why are they becoming a go-to strategy for content creators? To understand this, let's delve deeper into the concept of aged YouTube channels and the potential benefits they hold for aspiring content creators.

What Are Aged YouTube Accounts?

You must be aware of the basic YouTube accounts or channels. Further, the older YouTube accounts are no different from them. As the name suggests, aged or old YouTube accounts are the ones created quite a while ago. They have a considerable subscriber count along with a rich history of videos and views. Due to their high-quality content, these accounts have a fine reputation on YouTube.

Buying older YouTube channels allows individuals and businesses to quickly build a strong \YouTube presence by leveraging an already engaged audience. However, one should always make sure that the content that they post on an old YouTube channel resonates with its existing viewers.

Why Buy Aged Youtube Accounts?

As just stated, purchasing old YouTube gives a jumpstart to your YouTube presence. You can skip the initial hurdles of starting your tube channel from scratch and save extra effort.

To better understand this, check out the following reasons to invest in old YouTube accounts:

Consistent Branding And Identity

Older YouTube accounts are perceived as credible sources with a consistent branding identity established over the years. When you take over the same account, you can maintain continuity, contribute, and enhance the recognition of the channel. This further aids in brand memory and audience connection.

Built-In Content Strategy

Starting a new YouTube channel can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to creating an effective content strategy. It requires a lot of effort and planning to build one that can help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, if you have an old account, it might have already mapped out a content strategy that can save you time and give you a head start in planning and execution. 

Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Most of the older accounts have used collaborations or shout-outs from other content creators over the years to build a strong presence. You can leverage the history of cross-promotion and connect with creators in the same niche to continue the relationship and expand the audience base.

Understand Viewer Demographics

You can check the extensive dataset on viewer demographics of older YouTube accounts to understand your audience. It gives insight into audience location, age, and interests to tailor upcoming content accordingly for better results.

Ad-Free Video Hosting

Opting for an older YouTube account can bring premium perks, like YouTube ad-free streaming, to your channel. This not only enhances the viewer experience by reducing distractions but also potentially boosts views and engagement. Older accounts often come with a built-in audience base, providing a head start for increased visibility and engagement with your content.

Inherent Trust With The YouTube Algorithm

YouTube's algorithm trusts YouTube accounts with a history of consistent, quality content. The trust allows better visibility, reach, and easy promotion within the recommendation algorithms.

Reduced Risk of Policy Changes

An aged YouTube channel adapts itself to the potential risks of various policy changes on the platform. For that very reason, new channels are adversely affected by changes in YouTube's policies or algorithms. However, older ones benefit from having already been navigated several times in the past.

Access To Premium Features

Features that are now paid for or modified, like video annotations, YouTube Studio, customization options, channel art, etc., are still available for older accounts. You can access these features without any extra cost through Aged accounts.

Additional Perks Of Aged YouTube Accounts With Videos

Check out the following benefits of having older accounts that have videos uploaded to their channel:

Content Library

A simple but most important benefit is having an already-built library of videos. You will have already uploaded YouTube content over time, which you can even rebrand, repurpose, and use to upload on other platforms.


Old YouTube videos that have gained popularity through likes, comments, and views can produce popularity for your brand.

Gain Niche Authority

Old YouTube PVA accounts with videos on particular niches allow one to enter a specialized market, and that too is not for a beginner. You will already have authority in that particular area from the onset.

Considerations To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Aged YouTube Channels

Now, if you are quite convinced by the fact that purchasing older accounts is a better investment for your YouTube marketing strategy, here comes the challenge. Finding genuine and old YouTube accounts with videos is quite a daunting task. However, to avoid any pitfalls, you can keep the following in mind when you are about to buy Aged YouTube channel:

Check Credibility

Check the legitimacy of the aged account by evaluating its performance over the years. Ensure credibility by checking the account's compliance with YouTube's terms of service to secure long-term benefits and avoid scams.

Content Quality and Relevance

Check out all the videos on the YouTube channel to see whether they belong to a particular niche. Moreover, these videos should be relatable to the upcoming ones you post on the account. Not just this, all the videos should have good YouTube video and voice quality.

Subscriber Engagement

Check the account's likes, comments, and shares. Make sure there is a resonance between these and the subscriber count. A YouTube account with active engagement with the audience over comments can help ensure sustained success and long-term growth.

Monetization Eligibility

There is no point in purchasing a YouTube account if it doesn't even clear the minimum monetization eligibility criteria. As per YouTube, accounts with 500 subscribers and 3000 hours of watch time are eligible for monetization. Thus, buy the monetized YouTube channels that have cleared monetization eligibility within a year.


With the right approach, you can easily purchase good-quality and aged YouTube channels. However, if you want to cut down on the struggle and look for a reliable platform for selling YouTube channels, you can trust Bulk Accounts. We have been offering high-quality, old YouTube channels for every content need for over 12 years. Contact us to buy old YouTube accounts with old videos today!



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