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Before Google came into being, Yahoo services were launched in Japan and became the most popular website portal to be used to date among the Japanese. Yahoo! Japan also dominates the country with its internet services.

Though there are many services provided by Yahoo! Japan like Geocities, auctions, shopping, and travel here we will talk about email service and how you can buy yahoo japan accounts. You can already see our bunch of packages as yahoo japan accounts for sale that ranges from 50 accounts to a large number of more than 1000 accounts.


You must be a user of the standard Yahoo! mail for many years and think that once you buy yahoo japan accounts for emails how will you manage, what about the user interface and look, etc. Well don't worry as Yahoo! Japan Mail will offer you the same standard look and feel of American Yahoo! Mail but there is one catch.

For the storage part, you will be provided with 10 GB limit as compared to 1 TB storage of Yahoo! Mail and we find this worth as it creates a balance among the users and the server can efficiently handle the data and provide you with the fastest speeds.


Yes, you heard it right as yahoo japan accounts for sale and you can now buy yahoo japan accounts at discounted rates and once you select the package, you are a form fill away. We have provided you with options of 6 yahoo japan accounts for sale as per your organizational requirements.